Hi, I’m Your Facebook Friend Who’s Still Talking About My Wedding Four Years Ago And Now In Quarantine

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Hi friends! So life update: there’s actually a pandemic going on! LOL. I want you all to know that Timmy and I are safe and sound at home. Although we are distressed about the state of the world, we are trying to stay #positive and use every day to grow as a couple and are very excited about our upcoming four-year anniversary. While I’m sad people are dying around me, at the same time I feel #blessed to have the best hubby in the world who wakes me up every day and says, “Madeleine, I chose you to be my wife and I choose you every day,” and then sings to me about how I look hot in a mask. Have you ever sung to your lover in the morn???

Wow friends, this morning I just woke up feeling so #grateful that it’s been almost four years of being married to Timmy. Now as you know, Timmy and I had pretty elaborate plans for our four-year wedding anniversary — we were going to go to the Eiffel Tower and do a reenactment of our wedding and charge locals to watch, almost like pop up theater! But unfortunately, those plans have changed due to the pandemic. We’re bummed to say the least!! Our new plan includes watching our fave movie, Love Actually, while we make out and then looking through our wedding album while lightly crying and discussing how badly we feel for all those who missed it and how that possibly impacted their lives. #backupplan #ourweddingwasamazing #staysixfeetawayfromusbutwecannotdothatfromeachother #wehadgoldcake

I can’t believe 47 months ago I was lucky enough to marry this dream of a man! One of our first couples projects in quarantine was actually to take wedding photos and commission a local seamstress to sew them onto masks for us! My mask will say, “I Can’t Socially Distance From You, Baby” and his mask will say, “Only She Can get Six Feet Close to Dis Action” so everyone can know we’re taken!! The seamstress is already making us masks with images of us smashing gold cake onto each other’s faces but we are open to suggestions for our second set of couples masks. Which of our wedding photos you think has mask potential??

So many people are having such a hard time right now and it just makes me happy that I don’t have to go through this alone — I have Timmy. Each day is another day to find out who we are as a couple and what makes Timmy better than other men. Just yesterday, we baked sourdough bread together to get in on the trend! We made sourdough bread shaped like my mermaid shaped wedding dress which Timmy said made me look hot as well as nautical friendly. Do you remember my wedding dress?? If you squinted hard enough you could see a light green accent which I thought really brought out my eyes as well as my ironic love of nature. Making this sourdough bread brought back so many fun wedding memories, like when Cousin Jimmy tripped over my wedding dress and I threw a shoe at him, or when little Sally went from table to table eating everyone’s bread cause she said it was “the best thing she ever tasted and our wedding food was above par.” LOL!

We were actually thinking it could be amazing to get all our friends and family to write out in sourdough bread (one letter per friend!) “Happy Four Year Anniversary to Our Fave Couple!” What do you think??? #couplesbaking #sourdoughbreadbonding #timmyishot #Iammarried #almostfouryearswiththishunkofman #Timmybonding

Oh wow! Today is our four-year wedding anniversary!! I know you all have been counting down the days with me through the fun “Timmy and Madeleine Anniversary Countdown” app I developed that gives one hilarious and heartwarming wedding fact a day and I just want you to know it’s TODAY!

As you know our original plan was to watch Love Actually and read our wedding album while we cry at each other but sweet, perfect Timster surprised me by hiring a local actor, Randolph, to describe our wedding to us in detail over Zoom while we make out! Please Facebook message me for Zoom link!! Also thank you to those who talked to Randolph about your memories of our wedding and also for sending in your sourdough bread letter pics. Today will surely be one of the most romantic days of our lives and we so appreciate our community standing behind us and assuring us how cute we are as a couple at all times.

So far only three people have requested a password to our Zoom wedding memory anniversary gathering tonight but I’m sure that’s just a mistake!! Does anyone else want to come?? #loveinthetimeofcorona #quarantinelove #fouryearsstrong #Timmyishot #Imnotatalllonely #couplesbondingduringquarantine #immarried #youcantsocialdistancefrommyheart

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Catherine Weingarten is a humor writer, playwright and wedding cake enthusiast.



Medium humor. Large laughs.

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