23 Unpretentious Ways to Display Your Poetry on Instagram

Because typewriter paper and journals are so overused.

Kristen Pizzo
· 2 min read
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I was trying to come up with a super original way to display my writing for Instagram, because people will double-tap and comment “THIS” on anything — even Nickelback lyrics and passages of Mein Kampf — as long as it looks like it was written on something that says “I don’t own a computer.” I needed something artistic and avant-garde. Something that could become a “signature” mark of my writing. So, without further ado, here are 23 ways to display your poetry:

  1. Typed on typewriters in Goodwill, because your confessional poetry could be a stranger’s treasure.

2. On a letterboard, like it’s Pinterest and you’re a blogger whose entire life revolves around being a mom.

3. With Scrabble tiles you found under the couch.

4. On a Lite Brite

5. In the sand next to every obnoxious couples’ initials in hearts

6. With sidewalk chalk stolen from the neighborhood children

7. On used, ripped envelopes (because you also open your mail like its Cheetos and you’ve been stranded on an island without processed food for a month)

8. On the paper that chopsticks come wrapped in

9. On the backs of CVS receipts

10. You could even recite the poems instead of your name at Starbucks and see if they get it right on your cup. People love a good coffee pic on the gram.

11. On the bibs you have to wear at the dentist

12. In the comments section of your takeout delivery orders

13. On your mom’s chalkboard calendar, hidden among her daily schedule

14. On the desks of your first-grade teacher’s classroom. She’ll be delighted to know from reading them that you’re still just as overly emotional and unemployed as you were when she taught you.

15. On lost dog posters. Who knows, maybe your poem about your ex will make the owners realize that if they really love Buddy, they have to let him go.

16. In alphabet soup

17. On bathroom stall walls next to proclamations like “Jared eats ass”

18. In Yelp reviews for your favorite sushi restaurant

19. In the bibles hotels sometimes have, because your poetry is better than any passage.

20. In the inside covers of all those self-help books that you swear are going to change your life just by merely being present on your bookshelf because personal development works through osmosis

21. Tattoed on your body, because if you don’t love your work enough to get it permanently inked on your skin, what makes you think it’s worth reading?

22. On voting ballots, because it’s all a joke anyway, right?

23. In the Blues Clues’ handy dandy notebook

I hope this list inspired you to display your writing in an unconventional, eye-catching way!


Medium humor. Large laughs.

Thanks to Alex Baia

Kristen Pizzo

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Multi-passionate iced coffee guzzler & future pig mom. Writing Instagram: @chameleononthepage



Medium humor. Large laughs.

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