I shave with 5 blades which are 2X preferred.

I watch 4th generation TV on a 4K screen. I use a 6s phone and look forward to a 5G network.

I drive an A4 . . . S.

I watch House of Cards Season 3. Game of Thrones Season 5. And Making of a Murder Season 1. Which means, logically, I will have to watch Making of a Murderer Season 2.

I blend with a G-Series 750 blender. Other days, I juice with a JE98XL 850 watt Juice Fountain . . . Plus.

I brush with a 3 Series toothbrush . . . 2nd generation.

When cold, I don a 650 TurboDown II parka upon venturing outside.

Subsequently, I also don Titanium XTM Omni-tech winter boots, as is my wont.

I carry a WT-25 Backpack on my back. In the WT-25 backpack you will find various and sundry smaller items also containing multiple letters and numbers. Including, but not limited to, a 5th wheel smart notebook. Upon which I jot down notes about future various and sundry items to buy with copious amounts of letters and numbers to carry in the WT-25 backpack.

I clip my toenails with a 440C stainless steel clipper.

I wash my hands, before returning to work, with a 3-in-1 WWD: water/ washer/dryer.

I was tempted to purchase a GY3000 pasta-making machine, but got distracted online by the HX-512 High Pressure grouter. I blame the hyphen. The hyphen always works on me.

And, all modesty aside, I am currently interested in and actively shopping for Silver Edge Circular U 040 boxer briefs.

Not to overshare, but this is true.


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