I’m Climate Change And This Is My Quarantine #Glowup

I am—objectively—really hot now.

Elizabeth Preston
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3 min readAug 24, 2021


Illustrations by Annie Preston


climatechange Normally I hate posting selfies. But you’ve probably seen it on the news, so I may as well share here: Yes, I had a major quarantine #glowup. I’ve always been hard on myself, but when I look in a mirror I have to admit that I am — objectively — really hot now.

I’ve been working hard while we’ve all been stuck inside. Pandemic puppy? Not so much. Dog days of summer, all year round? Now there’s a project I’m excited about!

My transformation took a lot of mindfulness, journaling, and unchecked carbon emissions. But I’m finally ready for my #hotworldsummer.

#happiness #selflove #hottie #foreversummer


climatechange I really appreciate everyone who believed in me during this journey. I also appreciate everyone who didn’t believe in me, because they just added fuel to my fire. Speaking of which, don’t forget to check your air quality index before you go outside!

#motivationmonday #firefriday #dontthrowthatmaskaway


climatechange Some of us defeat video game levels. Others unlock new sea levels. Whatever your path is, that’s OK. We can’t all be internationally recognized phenomena! (Besides, I’m terrible with electronics.)

#gains #levelup #goodbyegreenland


climatechange Wondering how I got these incredible results? I’ll be talking about my process LIVE on Instagram this Wednesday at 8:00pm, assuming you still have power at your home during the ongoing storms. Hint: I’ve really embraced #hydration. Also #decluttering.



Elizabeth Preston

Elizabeth Preston is a freelance science journalist and humor writer in the Boston area.