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I’m Setting Up A Sick Nacho Grazing Table For My Super Bowl Party And You’re Invited To Partake Of My Bounty

Time to get back to basic germs.

Photo by cethomp2 on Creative Commons

Friends, I just got over Omicron, so let’s party! I’ve spent a lot of time in bed watching TikToks and I’m all inspired to create one of those overflowing nacho tables. I’m planning on making the sickest one, where I’ll pour out…




Medium humor. Large laughs.

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R.E. Fisher

R.E. Fisher

Rochelle likes words. Read her mind @SlackjawHumor @PointsinCase @The_Belladonnas @DailyDrunkMag @littleoldlady__ Also, she wrote a 2006-era VIAGRA brochure.

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