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Help Wanted: Editorial Assistant / Social Media Marketer

Alex Baia
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Hey! Slackjaw is growing. This little comedy beastie is hungry to turn into a big comedy beast that brings hilarity to all humans and extraterrestrial beings.

Currently, Slackjaw publishes about one funny article per day. We want to start driving more visitors to our site (especially using social media), to publish a bit more (though not too much more— quality first!), and to help our writers earn more money and get more eyeballs on their work. And we want to keep raising the quality bar while we grow.

To do that, Slackjaw needs a new person. An awesome, highly-organized person who loves humor and great writing and can use clever marketing to support these things.

Hence this paying comedy job. The role will pay very modestly at first… but that could change. Think of it as a passion project / side-hustle that can and should get bigger and more lucrative as the site grows. Whoever takes this role (maybe you!?) will be a big part of Slackjaw’s ascent.

All of the details, and instructions for applying, follow. If this is up your alley, we’re excited to hear from you!

your editor,

Alex Baia

About the Job: Editorial Assistant / Social Media Marketer


  • You love written humor, and you like working with all kinds of writers.
  • You’re meticulously-organized and savvy with internet stuff.
  • You have some digital marketing chops and an enthusiasm for promoting comedy on Medium.
  • You are a humor writer, or aspiring.


  • Editorial Assistance: Help schedule and optimize our articles. (Because Medium is super-simple, and because we don’t publish that often yet, this part will be a snap.)
  • Work with Our Writers: Help our writers promote their articles. Also, help us recruit more great writers.
  • Social Media: Manage Slackjaw’s daily social media: Facebook and Twitter pages, at the very least.
  • Newsletter: Help plan and write our newsletter — which currently reaches 25,000+ of our followers twice monthly.
  • Marketing Awesomeness: Come up with — and execute — clever ways to get us more readers and more traffic.
  • This should all take about 5–7 hours weekly, in the beginning.

Pay and Goodies

  • Modest monthly stipend, plus pay incentive (based on traffic) — TBD.
  • Publish your comedy on Slackjaw, and use Slackjaw to promote yourself as a writer and humorist.
  • The excitement of working on a growing comedy publication where the rules are few, the laughs many, and the possibilities endless.

Application Dates

  • Send in your application by July 29, 2019. We’ll start getting back to people last week of July and hope to fill the spot by early August.

How to Apply

Send an email to with this subject line: “Slackjaw Job: [Name]” where [Name] is replaced with your actual name.

In the body of the email, put the following in plain text, in this order:

0. Who Are You?

  • Who you are and where you’re based!

1. Links to Your Stuff!

  • Your Medium profile
  • Your personal website (if you have one)
  • Your public social media— e.g. Twitter, Instagram, etc. (if you have them)

2. Links to Your Funny Writing!

  • Your best 2–4 humor pieces published anywhere online

3. Links to Your Favorite Humor

  • Link to three of your favorite funny pieces of writing anywhere on the web, and (briefly!) say what you like about each.

4. How You Generate Bright Ideas

  • We need a marketer who can think critically about driving traffic and do a bit of research. What’s your general approach to coming up with marketing ideas? 150-300 words max. (We don’t need a treatise here, just a quick summary of your thought process!)

5. Personal Statement

  • Why do you want to join Slackjaw? Feel free to talk about your writing or background, and your comedy or career ambitions. 300 words max.

6. C.V. or Resume (Attach)

  • Include any relevant experience in digital marketing and social media.
  • Any experience in comedy and humor writing, or publishing and editing.
  • Your humor writing or publications (if not covered by links above).
  • Education and work history is fine— if you like — but not required.
  • Attach this part only as a PDF. (Items 0–5 above should be in the email body.)


Feel free to send any questions to, or below as Medium comments.


Medium humor. Large laughs.

Alex Baia

Written by

Alex Baia

Writer: McSweeney's, The New Yorker, Slackjaw. Get my best words, delivered monthly, by a majestic falcon:



Medium humor. Large laughs.

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