King Kong, Eighth Wonder Of The World, As Reported On By Today’s Media Outlets

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In 1933, filmmaker Carl Denham presented King Kong, Eighth Wonder Of The World to an awestruck New York audience. From there, things went terribly wrong… or right, depending on who covered the story. Below is an exhaustive summary of Kong’s chronological media coverage, were today’s media outlets there to cover it.

VICE: A Look At The Remote Island Subculture That Reveres A Giant Ape Named Kong

Slate: Calling The Skull Island Giant Gorilla ‘King Kong’ Is Derogatory And Reductive

ABC News: UNESCO Asserts Carl Denham Had No Authority To Claim Kong A “World Wonder”

Buzzfeed: 22 Priceless Tweets Reacting To The Disaster Of An Eighth Wonder Of The World Presentation

The AV Club: Let’s Face It, Carl Denham’s Career Was On A Downslide Long Before That Kong Disaster

The New York Times: Interviews With Kong’s Most Steadfast Supporters

US Weekly: Yikes, Ann Darrow Wore The Same Dress To King Kong’s Unveiling As She Did To His Climb Up The Empire State Building

The American Conservative: Monstrous Apes Lusting After Blond Actresses May Signal The Death Of The American Family

Jezebel: It’s Time To Stop Shaming King Kong For His Preference Of Human Women

Jacobin: Blaming Kong For The Murderous Destructive Rampage Through New York City Unjustly Absolves His Captors Of Their Roles In The Disaster

Vox: The Giant Gorilla That Scaled The Empire State Building Holding Ann Darrow, Explained

The Cut: I’m Going To Teach My Sons It’s Not Okay To Grab A Woman And Scale The Empire State Building Without Her Consent

TMZ: Ann Dowd Is Already In The Arms Of A Giant Ape Moments After Announcing Her Engagement To John Driscoll

Fox News: Ann Dowd And The Twisted MSM’s Smear Campaign Against King Kong Is A Sham

CNBC: Op-Ed: The U.S. Military Just Took Out Skull Island’s №1 Bad Ape

CNN: “‘Twas Beauty Killed The Beast”: Denham Refuses To Admit Military Involvement In King Kong’s Death

National Geographic: The Last Living Skull Island Giant Gorilla Has Died

Deadline: Production On Carl Denham’s New Film Halted

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