Least Popular Lego Sets

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2 min readNov 21, 2018


For decades, LEGO building block sets have been among the most popular holiday gifts. And hey, what kid wouldn’t want to construct their own Hogwarts or Millennium Falcon or even regular old tractor? (What adult for that matter!)

Of course, with so many LEGO sets on the market, some are bound to be less popular than the others.

According to the most recent available data, here are some of the least-purchased LEGO sets:

All Blue Bricks

Kill Shelter

Dexter: Season 5

Studio Apartment With No Windows

Dad’s Funeral

Zoo Where You Can’t Really See Any Of The Animals

Sex And The City: Samantha’s Bedroom

Airplane That Flight Attendants Are Dragging A Passenger Out Of

Star Wars Convention

Already Fully-Built Empire State Building

Jimmy Carter’s Peanut Farm

Who wants to leave the Navy to run their inherited peanut growing business??

The Human Centipede

A Bunch Of LEGO Heads And Bodies That Got Mixed Up In A Bag

A TARGET, But The Smaller, City Kind

Dive Bar Bathroom

Jurassic Park Parking Lot (dinosaurs not included)

Wild West Brothel

Spiderman Taking A Nap Between Crime Fightings

Polluted Beach

The Kansas City Museum of Native American Heritage

Batman Forever Auditions



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