Let’s Talk: A Slackjaw Meetup

Hello Slackjaw-ers! (Slackjaw-ites? Slackjaw-ans? Slackjaw-ganders?)

As one of the editors of this little publication, I love reading the quirky things you all have written. It’s one of the funnest parts of logging onto Medium each day, apart from learning about what all I need to be doing before 8am to be successful.

Speaking of success, there’ve been so many good lulz on here, it’s no wonder Slackjaw has steadily grown to over 36,000 FOLLOWERS!

So I was thinking… What if we, like, hung out or whatever?

As fun as it is to read Slackjaw, what if we took things offline and met up and mingled and had some of you read your hilarious stories out loud and also had hilarious writer/comedian friends of ours read some of their stories too? I certainly think it’d be fun, but what do I know…

So yeah, is a meetup something you’d be interested in attending?

Before we go spend time and energy away from our cats to set up a whole big thing, we figured it’d be good to see if there’s even any interest first.

And since I’m in Chicago, I’m selfishly proposing this be the location of our first meetup. Aiming for December before the holidays.

So, if you’re in the Chicago area and ARE interested in attending a Slackjaw meetup, please fill out this super-quick Google Form.

If there are enough people interested (fingers crossed), we’ll then follow up with all the pertinent details and a rundown of the fun that’s in store.

And if there aren’t, well, then, forget this whole thing ever happened. In fact, forget all of 2016 ever happened, while you’re at it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

And regardless, thanks for continuing to make Slackjaw the #1 source of humor on Medium. Stay weird.