Medium is the Message

Or How I’m trying to Write for Slackjaw

I‘m still figuring out Medium. Not just the tagging and mentions, but how to write for a publication. As someone who skews funny, I thought I should try one of the humor publications. Slackjaw seemed like a good one.

It said to fax them.


Was it a a joke? Was it the answer? Maybe it was both, like Shimmer.

‘It’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping.’

So I got into the spirit of it and faxed them. Which wasn’t easy.

But I didn’t hear back. So I sleuthed again and DM’d Hassan S. Ali on the Twitter. (I believe Hassan is the chief something or other — officially.)

People are busy, they have dogs to walk, they don’t always check their messages or social feeds. Maybe their fax machine is on the fritz. The elevator is stuck. Haircuts. I get it.

And so now I wait…

Whoo hoo!


Every time you click that clap a puppy gets a belly scratch, an ear rub, AND a handful of super yummy crunchy puppy treats. But if you don’t, it gets the hose again. Just saying…