My 30-Day Challenge: Not Signing Up For Any 30-Day Challenges

With so many challenges out there, I was determined to go 30 days without signing up for any.

Ash Jurberg
May 16 · 4 min read
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I’m constantly getting emails and messages from people inviting me to participate in 30-day challenges. Some are for charities. Some are for fitness. Others are for mental health purposes. All very worthy reasons.

I have started many but by the end of week one, I am always ready to quit. I usually have so many challenges on the go that I need an Excel spreadsheet to track them all. Movember. Dry July. Feb Fast. Octsober.

There’s a challenge for every month.

And so last month I created my own thirty-day challenge: trying to go 30 days without attempting a 30-day challenge.

My wife suggests no social media for a month. I’m on Facebook when she suggests this. I say we can try. Two minutes later I post on Instagram. This no 30-day challenge is easy.

I receive a group email from someone I haven’t heard from in ten years. It’s been sent to over 200 people. The author didn’t use BCC. I hate that. A lot.

The email is about raising awareness for yada yada and suggesting we all give up alcohol for a month.

I reply: “Great cause. I’m passionate about yada yada. Count me in.

Just before I hit send I realize its only Day 2 — I need to keep to my promise. I delete the draft and have a beer.

Mental health. I’m seriously passionate about this cause. This one is based on doing 3061 pushups over a month. That’s only 100 push-ups a day. And for a great cause that I can relate to.

I consider my mental health. What these challenges do to me. I do ten pushups to celebrate the last pushups I’ll be doing for a while.

I log into Medium. My feed is full of the usual “How to make money on Medium” articles. One suggests writing one article a day for a month.

I can do that, I think. I sit at my laptop ready to type. Instead, I go to Facebook and drink a beer. Two birds, one stone.

A friend checks in with me because I haven’t been signing up for any challenges, and this is unlike me. I assure him I’m okay. Just taking a break from signing up for challenges.

He wishes me luck.

“Sugar is evil,” my wife says. “Let’s go without sugar for a month.” I do have a dad bod that I would like to exchange for a Chris Hemsworth bod. Quitting sugar could help. I agree to join her.

11:45 pm — I rush from my bed to the kitchen and eat a chocolate bar. That was a close call.

Movember is here. A great excuse for me to grow a porno mustache. It’s one of my favorite fundraisers. Seeing all the great mo’s.

Sadly, I won’t participate this year. I have a worthier cause. I shave. No porno mo this year.

I’m starting to struggle. I feel like I need a daily challenge. It’s proving very hard to resist all the challenge invites. I see my wife has lost a few pounds already by quitting sugar.

I swear my best friend has a bicep. An actual bicep from doing his pushups.

My wife is getting more things done now she’s off social media.

This is hard.

I was invited to participate in a Reading Challenge.

I love to read. I read every night in bed. Now with this new challenge lurking over my head, I have to stop.

I have enough beers to pass out on the couch. No bed. No book. No challenge.

A Facebook challenge.

Post a photo every day. No explanation.

Lame challenge. That one was easy to avoid. One week to go!

I wake up early, ready to launch into my daily activity. I remember I have no daily activity. I smile hugely. I fell good about myself. More positive. Less stressed. This no challenge month is paying off.

I have a beer and chocolate for breakfast whilst reading Facebook. I do no exercise. Or writing. A great day. The end is in sight!

I made it!!

I went 30 days without doing any 30-day challenges.

Wait a minute…


Medium humor. Large laughs.

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Thanks to Alex Baia and Molly Henderson

Ash Jurberg

Written by

12 x Medium Top Writer. Hall of Shame column for Better Marketing.



Medium humor. Large laughs.

Ash Jurberg

Written by

12 x Medium Top Writer. Hall of Shame column for Better Marketing.



Medium humor. Large laughs.

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