Other Baseball Idioms

Joe Wellman
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3 min readAug 13, 2021

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You’ve heard people say “swing for the fences,” “throw em’ a curve ball,” and “three strikes and you’re out,” but you probably haven’t heard some of these less common idioms we owe to America’s pastime:

Nacho cheese in your eyes: Unable to see a situation with clarity.

Example: “You really have to have nacho cheese in your eyes to think you’re going to find that debit card you lost while swimming the English channel.”

Bathroom hot dog: Finding unexpected luck in an unusual place.

Example: “I spoke with a tall man at the sex shop yesterday who says he’s a mechanic and can fix my car’s transmission in exchange for a passport. What a bathroom hot dog!”

Entirely too much pretzel: Having an abundance of something that sounds fun at first, but, in time, is revealed to be gross and unfulfilling.

Example: “Why did we build this many hot pink gazebos in our backyard? And why did we want them each to play a different 30 seconds of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ at the top of every hour? This is entirely too much pretzel.”

A 1,000 beer season: Total commitment to something that has a huge health downside and basically zero upside.

Example: “Dani is having herself a 1,000 beer season over there oil painting with her tongue like that.”

Too buzzed to feel the sunburn developing: To be so content in one’s own head as to not notice painful physical ailments.

Example: “Pretty sure I just snapped my thumb in half on that roller coaster; luckily, Franny said she’d be open to moving into my place, so, yeah, way too buzzed to feel the sunburn developing.”

Intentionally bringing the beer back to the totally wrong section to get away from your friends for a minute: Avoiding someone for mental health reasons.

Example: “Sorry I’ve been distant. I just needed to intentionally bring the beer back to the totally wrong section to get away from my friends for a minute for a while, you know?”

Put on the kiss cam with your mistress: To be so publicly exposed doing something deviant as to result in divorce, especially in business.

Joe Wellman

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