Other Days of July Besides July 4th

Tyler Holme
Jul 4 · 3 min read
Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Everybody has heard of the Fourth of July. It’s a very famous day in America in particular. It’s a day known for American Independence, Fireworks and plenty of scared dogs. Some people even lovingly refer to this day as, “The Fourth.” But did you know July is FULL of other days as well? Here is a list of some of the lesser-known days of July.

July 2nd

While a majority of people tend to believe that July begins on July 4th, there happen to be three full days prior to it. July 2nd happens to be one of those days. Not much is known about July 2nd, other than it tends to be pretty hot on that day, but it can also be not so hot on that day as well. It all has to do with something called “Climate.” The world is truly a kooky place, isn’t it?

July 5th

Did you know there is a day directly after July 4th called, July 5th? It may not seem right, but it is absolutely true. July 5th also happens to last for 24-hours, much like it’s more famous predecessor. The biggest difference between July 4th and July 5th is July 5th’s eerie silence. No fireworks. No screaming people running through the streets shooting guns into the air. No screaming people running through the streets trying to avoid bullets falling from the sky. Just stone cold silence. No wonder most people don’t know about this day.

July 11th

It happened on a Tuesday once.

July 13th

Many believe July 13th is an Urban legend. A myth. A schoolyard make ’em up. Most calendars don’t even include a “July 13th.” They skip right from July 12th to July 14th. Experts insist July 13th does exist whether we choose to believe it or not. I know a guy who says he experienced a July 13th once. He still walks with a limp to this day.

July 25th

This may be the most well known day on this list, but that wasn’t until recently. July 25th finally hit the public’s radar in 2014 when Paramount Studios released the highly anticipated film, Hercules, starring America’s sweetheart, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Before that, people considered July 25th to be nothing more than just another May 16th, but thanks to Mr. Johnson, this day will forever be in our nation’s consciousness. A truly Herculean accomplishment indeed.

July 31st

Not many people realize July has 31 full days! In fact, a recent study shows 88% of Americans think July probably has maybe 10 or 12 days max. Pretty crazy right? This day, in particular, happens to be my buddy Bob’s birthday. So now that you know this day exists, why don’t you give Bob a nice, solid Happy Birthday High-Five for me if you happen to see him. I’m sure he’d enjoy that.

This is Bob.


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Medium humor. Large laughs.

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