Quiz: Yoko Ono or Your Friend Who Went On A Retreat Once?

1. I don’t rely on time. Time is what man made for our convenience, and in reality, it does not exist.

2. Guess how much water I drink? Guess, then multiply by nine. That much.

3. Small things are very, very important. Let’s stop defining “small” and “large” okay? I’m large. Let’s start with that.

4. You’ll never clear your mind if you don’t clear your bowels.

5. Why doesn’t everyone take three weeks off work?

6. Make a promise to a tree. Ask it to be passed onto other trees.

7. The only thing stopping you from being free is freedom itself.

8. I dance in my mind. Life is my dance.

9. If I had a 1 hour TV special, I would show the world what is really happening. But the ratings would be so low, I’d be fired immediately.

10. If you’re unhappy. Stop. Just stop.

11. I don’t eat sandwiches anymore. I used to love cucumber sandwiches on a summer afternoon with a cuppa tea — an old English thing.

12. Everywhere I go I fall in love with the place. Therefore, it is accurate to say that my favourite place so far is this planet.


Yoko Ono: 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 12.
Your Friend Who Went On A Retreat Once: 2, 4, 5, 7, 10.
Both: 11