Running Changed My Life Because I Am Getting Farther And Farther Away From My House

Before I developed an interest in running, my friend Shelly explained to me that jogging had absolutely transformed her, but I had assumed that she was exaggerating. Only now, as I run shivering through this dark boreal forest, thousands of miles from everything I know and love, do I understand what she was trying to tell me.

Last spring was a tough time for me: I was laid off from my dream job and not long afterward I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem that affected all aspects of my life, including my appearance. On top of it all, I was a busy mom of two with too many responsibilities and too little time. I needed a big change, and I needed it fast: for my physical health, for my family, and most of all, for me.

I was in the waiting room before a doctor’s appointment when I picked up a magazine. On any other day, I would have seen nothing more than an ad for a pair of running shoes, but on that day, it was so much more: I saw a woman running down the sidewalk with a look of pure determination in her eyes. She looked so very strong as she, it seemed to me, ran at full speed away from her house.

I immediately went to the mall and put on the first pair of running shoes that I could find that looked exactly like the shoes in the ad. And then I put one foot in front of the other, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. I immediately felt like all of my problems were dissolving behind me, including the shouting and waving store clerk.

Running has completely transformed my life. After just a few weeks, the extra pounds slid off of my frame, while at the same time I could feel powerful muscles forming throughout my body. Mentally, running was like meditation and therapy, all rolled into one. I was finally able to clear my mind and hear the internal voice that had been lost for so long in the everyday swirl of life.

The biggest change of all, though, is that each mile of running has led farther and father away from my home and loved ones. The last time I asked, and based on the surrounding flora and fauna, I am currently located in the wilds of northern British Columbia, approaching the Arctic Circle. Are those the northern lights? They are so beautiful!

I’ve always known that running was healthy, and often a good activity for those who are looking for a little exercise and clarity. Little did I know that it can change everything, especially when you are running as fast as you can, continuously, away from your home, and never looking back.