Should Bud Light be concerned that Congressional Republicans are ruining their brand?

Congressmen Drank Bud Light After Passing New Healthcare Bill

After passing the new healthcare bill, Congressional Republicans celebrated with Bud Light! Because what does Bud Light stand for? AMERICA. More specifically, hardworking everyday Americans.

What does this bill stand for? Maybe not that.


Many saw cases of the beer at the Capitol, cloaked under royal blue cloth, only to be revealed upon arrival (much like this bill, which Congressmen hardly had time to read as it was only finalized the day before the vote).

Bud Light would love a party where you play the Rocky theme song and read aloud George S. Patton inspirational quotes as was done after the new healthcare bill passed the House, but they don’t want that party to be after health care is taken away from their main consumer.

24 million people is a lot of people and their consumption annually is greatly appreciated by Bud Light. They definitely don’t want those people connecting the brand with their loss of health care. And if people are constantly afraid of getting sick, they may be inclined to drink less beer. That’s un-American! That’s not what the Founding Fathers would want!

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” — Benjamin Franklin

Now, instead of spending their income on beer, Americans have to spend money on healthcare. That’s bad for the economy! Think of all those pot luck parties where people might serve ginger tea instead of beer. It would be like if the Boston Tea Party never happened! Budweiser is the King of Beer in a democratic republic.

Beer is part of what makes America great and Budweiser is all about the red, white, and blue. “This Bud’s for you” America.