Slackjaw Humor Writing Challenge: The Winners

Alex Baia
Alex Baia
Oct 9 · 2 min read

In August, we announced The Slackjaw Humor Writing Challenge, a 30-day extravaganza of focused comedy writing, open to all, with a $1,000 grand prize and two $500 runner-up prizes.

After reading and reading and reading (and re-reading) the 380 (!) entries, we realized we needed to add a dozen $100 finalist prizes and 20 honorable mentions. The entries were that amazing.

That said, our panel of judges (Megan Broussard, Sarah Hutto, Keaton Patti, Michelle Spies, sarah james, and yours truly) reached a clear consensus.

Here they are: the winners of the inaugural Slackjaw Humor Writing Challenge — which we are revealing two-at-a-time, starting Oct. 9.

Trophy by Emily Clouse

The Winners

  1. Ernest Hemingway At The Taco Bell Cantina by Jude Flannelly (Grand Prize)
  2. New — It’s Adjunct Barbie™! by Katie Burgess (Second Place Runner-Up)
  3. My Kids: RANKED! by Jordan Lee Cohen (Third Place Runner-Up)
  4. This Song Sucks Ass: A Line By Line Analysis Of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” And How I’d Fix It by Ryan Ciecwisz (Finalist)
  5. We’re Pleased To Offer Your Brand The Opportunity To Align With Jesse’s Momentous Gallbladder Removal by Rachel Hoiles Farrell (Finalist)
  6. Replies To Yelp Reviews Of My Hedge Maze by Pat Landers (Finalist)
  7. Research Participants Wanted (To Beat My Ass) by Nick DiMaso (Finalist)
  8. I Order The Supplies In My Office, And I Am Drunk With Power by Nick Ortolani (Finalist)
  9. The Future Of Education Is An Interactive Laptop Screen That Destroys All Hope And Joy by Chas Gillespie (Finalist)
  10. I’m Your About-To-Be-Born Baby, And Here’s All The Ways My Birth Will Terrify You Two Idiots by Chris Knight (Finalist)
  11. It’s Finally Time We Talk About How Pumpkins Can Feel Us Carve Them by Domenico Siravo (Finalist)
  12. Single Men Pitch Themselves To Me On Shark Tank by Sara Katherine Runnels (Finalist)
  13. I Was Devastated To Discover My Husband Isn’t Just Married To Me, He Is Also One Helluva Drummer by James Hamilton (Finalist)
  14. 12 Tips For When The Town Elders Choose You For The Skin Harvest by Linton Lewis (Finalist)
  15. This Year’s Theater Camp For Tone-Deaf Kids Was A Screeching Success! by Emily Clouse. (Finalist)

Honorable Mentions

Starting late October, we will be publishing some honorable mentions that, while narrowly missing the Top 15, were nonetheless pieces that we loved.

Stay tuned!

Slackjaw Humor Writing Challenge 2020!?

Another Challenge? By popular demand, it’s very likely. Click here to join the Interested List — and you’ll be the first to know when we do!

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