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Letter sent on Mar 21, 2016

Slackjaw SXSSW Wrap-up

Hello semi-interested Slackjaw subscribers. Lots of action in our world recently, so let’s get right to it.


We just convened our first-annual board meeting at SXSSW Inactive, and it was arguably a huge success.

Yes, while SXSW was happening in Austin, a soon-to-be-equally dynamic convergence was happening at South By South-South-West in Lubbock, TX.

Not everyone gets that invite to Austin. So say hello to SXSSW Inactive, the next wave of all the stuff you go to Austin for, but even more more X. And way way cheaper. And sleazier. Don’t sleep on it.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Slackjaw booth in room 316 at the Koko Inn on Avenue Q. We apologize for the itching, and we are actively seeking a new t-shirt vendor.

Many great things came out of the board meeting in room 423:

  • All current Slackjaw editors awarded 100,000 more Slackjaw shares
  • Despite the rumors, Slackjaw will not pivot. After a few bad returns, we are not an It Works! Body Wraps distributor
  • We successfully (and without EMT services) swore in a new editor, Amanda Rosenberg.

In summary, to all you Slackjaw editors and writers: The state of the Jaw is strong to very strong. Just because you submit drafts that languish in the queue doesn’t mean we don’t love you. It means our internal strife has overcome the process.

  • Upcoming improvements: Create process for things


All joking aside, Slackjaw is producing the BEST humor content on the interwebs. Cases in points, in case you missed them:

Medium Star Ellie Guzman dropped another smash:

This picture is a link as are all the pictures

Ted Wilson did what Ted Wilson does:

A link

And then the Slackjaw editors went off. Gutbloom did a thing:


Hassan S. Ali birthed a hit:


Morgan Rock Loehr made us laugh on several occasions. Let’s go with this one:


Tom Mitchell double-crossed us and actually went to SXSW:


Amanda Rosenberg dropped a certified, bonafide viral sensation on the world. If you haven’t laughed at this then go to the doctor and get your funny bone checked out:

Lauren Modery kicked down:


Enough patting ourselves on the back. We had stories from our amazing writers: Dad and Buried, Melanie LaForce, Frankie G., Laura Jayne Martin, Mike Ottum, Ignatius N, ☀️Rama☀️, and so many more amazing writers. If I didn’t mention you, it’s not because we don’t care, but because I’m drunk and lazy.

Wow I can’t believe you’re still reading this email. Ok. Let’s see…The lawyer wanted me to say the views expressed in Slackjaw don’t represent any rational views of anyone, anywhere. And by reading Slackjaw you surrender any sense of decency or taste, and may suffer public opprobrium.


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