Template For Tech Product Announcements

We are beyond excited, thrilled, and delighted to announce the launch of [Product]. For the past year we have been working really hard, really diligently, really so hard, to ensure that [Product] exceeds our standards and meets yours.

The idea behind [Product] came from when one of us had a problem with [non-issue] and we thought “there has to be a better, if not slightly more convoluted way!” And that was literally it.

At first, it was just the two of us, working in the garage of our [$X.Xm] house in [San Francisco]. Now there’s a team of one other person who does all the work for us.

Starting today, [Product] will change the way you experience [non-issue]. We believe, we truly, madly, deeply believe that [Product] will change your life and every person’s life in this world and the next. However, we didn’t just want to build something super impactful that addressed [non-issue], we wanted to build something beautiful too. Beautiful design is key to everything we do because, as the old saying goes, you cannot change the world when you look “just ok”.

We put a lot of thought into the design of [Product], so much thought, we think about design all the time. We’re thinking about it right now. Ever heard of an Eames chair? We have.

So, go to [site] and [buy/download] [Product] right now.

We cannot wait for you to use [Product]. We literally cannot wait. We are incapable of waiting. We’ve never waited for anything.

We are so agonizingly, disturbingly, miserably excited for you to try it out!

Excitedly yours,

The [Product] team.