Thank God Racism Is Over!

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4 min readJun 26, 2020

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It’s a balmy evening in Monroe, LA. The rotating fan sends a hum through a messy basement where a young boy types frantically. The smile on his face is only slightly outshone by the light emanating from his DIY Linux laptop. He intertwines his fingers, stretches, and cracks his knuckles. He takes a swig of orange Fanta before returning to type. His fingers pound away at the keys like Irish clog dancers. The computer screen reads:

St. Mary of Jude Prep - University Student ForumThread: “Thank God racism is over…”
Original Post by: Chad Hollingsworth
<< < Page 1...2͟4͟ > >>CCH3: I mean, her accent was horribly gauche. I just wanted to say, “Dear lady, you DO realize you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition? And did you work with a dialect coach to get in here?"
BradRules88: OMG. LOL. I know exactly what you are saying. It's bad enough we have to go to class with them. And they don't even appreciate the blessings. I mean, racism has been over for how long now? WTH man.
CCH3: Brad my good man, you are so right. It's been years, decades even since that dream speech. We even had a black one FOR PRESIDENT. What next, a black king of England?
Tillsdale14: The Chadster is right again. You, sir, are what's best about forums like this. I'm so tired of the petulant, ungrateful attitude. What more do we have to give them? One of them came into class the other day wearing a Harvard sweatshirt. PLEASE. Like I'm sure HIS father went to Harvard. Maybe as the janitor. LOL.
CCH3: ROFL Tillsy. LOL

The sound of the basement door can be heard swinging open. A very angry woman yells down into the basement.

“CREFLO! CREFLO! Boy, I told you 15 minutes ago to get yo’ little black ass up here for dinner. What are you doing?”

Creflo stops typing, gulps down the rest of his Fanta, and yells back up to his mother: “Mama! I told you, I’m working on something!”

“Working on what? Boy! Don’t tell me you’re back on the Redface thing or whatever. Leave those white men alone. If they can’t use the damn sense that God gave them to figure out who you are, they must not be right…

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