The One Reason You Are Not A Multi-Millionaire. This.

The Why of The How To Of the How Not To

Photo: @jasonrosewell on Unsplash

You read the 10 Ways to Do Something In Your Life and were so convinced of being a multi-millionaire, but you ended up scrolling your Facebook feed till 5 pm everyday because you thought you would become a multi-millionaire easily but actually you did not read the 10 Ways to Become A Multi-Millionaire because you are not even motivated to read the 10 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated early morning because you did not read the 10 Things to Do Before 8 am because you woke up late because you did not go through the 10 Ways to Tame Your Alarm Clock at night yesterday because you did not revise the 8 Things to Do After 8 pm because you were trying to read up the 10 Ways to Recover From Yesterday because the entire day you were busy implementing the 15 Ways To Be Attractive and eyeing Peggy from Accounting and trying to figure out the 10 Ways To Get Unrequited Love that you intended to write in your daily journal you started maintaining after reading the 10 Ways To Keep A Daily Journal which also mentions the 8 Ways to Learn Everything About the Universe including the 15 Ways to Stay Hydrated All Day that is needed to keep a healthy journal and a healthy body but which you chose to neglect even after you read the 25 Ways To Change Your Biology After 35.

Now that you are in an unfathomable mess and have missed your millions, you need to catch up. The next action plan for your life should be to read up How to Reinvent Yourself so you can read the How To Change Your Entire Shitty Life because you feel you have not really grown up when you were reading the How To Grow From A Child To An Adult because you have continued to climb the ladders of mediocrity even though you read How Not To Be Mediocre Anymore but since your attention spans are lesser than that of an earthworm, you need to read How To Hack Into Your Mind while you sit in your lawn sipping Oolong tea from tea bags that have gone through the intense training of How To Refresh Your Drinker and scroll through the How To Of The How To Of The How Not To.

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