Thinking of Quitting Your Safe Middle Management Job to Pursue a Comedy Writing Career? First Ask Everyone You Know What They Think.

Your mother. She suggests going into accounting. Unless comedy writing is a good place to meet a husband.

Oprah says your “vocation should be a vacation.” She’s a billionaire.

Your ex-boyfriend. He tells you to “live your dreams, babe!” And also, can you spot him a $20?

Your gynecologist. In the last 10 years that she’s looked at your vagina, she’s always thought you were hilarious. Also, you have a mole on your labia.

Your friend Allison will ignore your question, and then give you a detailed account of her last Bumble date.

The guy taking your order at Juiceland. He hugs you and says go for it! He also believes in chemtrails.

Your student loan officer says it doesn’t matter. Just get to work already and make a payment!

Your grandma. She’ll squeeze your hand, tell you no one’s ever worked harder than her, ask what google is, and complain you don’t visit enough.

The pet psychic from the farmer’s market. According to her if you pursue art, you’ll struggle for one year, but everything will come together. Also, Bruno wants at least two play sessions a day and his water changed more often.

Your therapist, the day you tell her you no longer have anything to talk with her about, but are afraid if you stop seeing her, a great emotional tragedy will fall upon you and you’ll no longer be able to get back your preferred appointment slot. She says, “You’re fine. You’ve always been fine. Now, stop asking everyone what you should do with your life! Just do the scary thing. Just do the scary thing. Just DO. The scary thing!”