This Is Gonna Hurt A Little: Take The Comfort Cleanse

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2 min readJul 3, 2023
Image by Olga Elliot

Bunny Barnes is the New York Times best-selling author of This is Gonna Hurt A Little: How to become your strongest self by stripping your life of all material and emotional comforts.

Bunny is also a famous ex-socialite and social media personality. She rose to fame in NYC as the party girl who would do anything for a dare, and she built over 3 million Instagram followers.

Bunny experienced a public fall from grace during the infamous “Lion Incident” at the NYC zoo, which did lead to the death of a lion.

After serving her probationary sentence at a research base in Antarctica, Bunny went on to publicly renounce her life of glamour and comfort, and she became famous for inventing “The Comfort Cleanse,” a radical 100-day transformation where you remove all modern comforts from your life in order to become your best self.

Over 1 million people have attempted the comfort cleanse to date, and several of those people have completed it.

Here is just a taste of some of the many daily challenges from the 100-day Comfort Cleanse:

  • DAY 1: You must sleep on the floor with a bag of rocks as a pillow
  • DAY 8: No wearing glasses or contacts, even if you medically require them. However, if you don’t normally wear glasses or contacts, you must wear some. Accept the inherent blurriness of life.
  • DAY 23: You must take daily 2-minute showers that alternate between “painfully hot but not hot enough to cause medical grade burns” and “extremely cold but not cold enough actually to numb you to the pain.”
  • DAY 29: No driving your car, no Uber or ride-sharing, and no public transit. You must go everywhere with a bike, but you can’t ride it. You have to walk your bike everywhere.
  • DAY 55: You can only wear clothes that your parents saved from your teen years when you felt the most uncomfortable and self-conscious in your body. If you don’t have those clothes, you must wear either a potato sack or medieval chain mail with no undershirt.
  • DAY 64: No listening to music. The only thing you can listen to is an audiobook of Moby Dick on repeat.

Bunny’s Comfort Cleanse has changed so many lives, and her journey has been nothing short of spectacular!!

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Enjoy, and don’t forget to get uncomfortable!