Today I Will Finish A Writing Thing!

An imagined Mo Willems book series for writers!

Sarah Garfinkel
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3 min readAug 25, 2020


Co-written by Sarah Garfinkel and Julie Vick and illustrated by Ali Solomon

Today I Will Finish a Writing Thing!

Watch Me Attempt to Write a Publishable Piece Today!

Don’t Let the Writer Check Twitter!

My Twitter Friend Has a 9–5 Office Job! I am Feeling Jealous.

Twitter, the Terrible Time-Sucking Monster.

Watch Me Start A New File Called “Final_FINAL_Revision_52!

Writer’s Block: A Cautionary Tale.

The Good-for-Nothing Self-Imposed Deadline!

I Will Tweet About My Nap! That Will Count Toward My Daily Word Count.

Watch Me Eat Dry Cereal With My Hands While I Look Up Words in the Thesaurus!

Waiting for the Submittable Queue to Change is Not Easy!

Watch Me Check My Email in my Pajamas!

My Editor is So Fun! She Says I Use Too Many Exclamation Points.

I am Invited to a Virtual Writers Meetup!

My New Friend is Sad. She Has to Write an Article About Bitcoin.

Should I Share My Editor’s Email?

Watch Me Check My Junk Mail Folder to See If There Are Any Acceptances!

Be Nice in Your Rejections. The Writer Has Feelings, Too!

Let’s Go For A Walk! Oh Wait, I Am Still Wearing Pajama Pants.

The Writer Needs a Shower! (I Do Not!)

The Writer HAS to Change into Sweats at the Very Least! (Come On!)



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