Trending Article Feels Overwhelmed by Shares

Dear readers,

I am forever in debt to you. Because of you, your friends and family know of my existence. Every day, heck, every minute a article gets published. You could have shared any other article but instead you decided to share me. The words my author decided to use must have truly connected with you. Instead of neglecting an audience they made sure I was accessible for all. There was something for everyone. Politics. Humor. Relationships. Love. You name it they made sure I included it.

But I must be honest with you. I am overwhelmed by my newly acquired popularity. Appreciative, absolutely. You know that. There is no way I could ever repay you properly. If I am not mistaken there was even a popular GIF in the middle of my insides.

That is it! Everyone loves when Tina Fey pantomimes. So funny. That got a comma out of me. As I am sure it did each of you.

With that I said, I ask you politely, to let me rest. Articles like myself get shared by people all around the world! Because of you I get to travel through millions of IP addresses every second. One second I am in California. The second after I am in Dubai. People save money their whole lives to take trips like these. But, graciously, thanks to you I get to do that at no cost free of charge.

Even Anthony Bourdain sleeps. Please let me do the same.

Do as you please though. You are the masters of your domain. Whatever it is you I ask you to please keep me in your thoughts.

Knowing the common reader you probably did not even make it this far. That is okay. I accept that.

All these shares affect my asthma.


today’s trending article.