Welcome To Improv 101! Get To Know Your Classmates

Jacob Kaplan
Sep 11 · 2 min read
Credit: “Improv” by docpop is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Written by Jacob Kaplan and Jamie Gore Pawlik

Janet: Tired mom who’s taking this class “for me.”

André: Actor who hopes improv will help him make more confident choices in his school’s upcoming production of The Crucible.

Izzy: Earnestly sings during her first scene to show everyone she has a good voice.

Greg: “Fun fact” is that he’s a recent widower.

Karl: Realizes the second week of class you don’t literally have to start every sentence with “Yes, and.”

Charlie: Retiree who plays ethnicity-specific characters.

Shoshanah: Gender studies major who will not sit idly by while everyone tries to move past Charlie’s “dry cleaner” impression (though he insists it’s beloved by his “Oriental friends.”)

Four 25-year-old White Guys Named Josh:

Josh R: Investment banker who watched a TED Talk on how improvisation can help with professional development.

Josh C: Go-to character is a woman always referring to her vagina.

Josh T : Sets every scene at a Mets game.

Josh L: Feels “limited” because “this class doesn’t cover game.”

“Danger Dan:” Gropes classmate mid-scene because “it’s what my character would do!”

Jillian: Has to stop her monologue because she’s laughing too hard at an inside joke with her family.

Jaipreet: Conveniently has to use the bathroom whenever it’s her time to go up.

Igor: Taking this class as an ESL recommended activity.

Rebecca: Really needs this one to work out.

Chelsea: The instructor. Wears overalls despite being 38.


Medium humor. Large laughs.

Jacob Kaplan

Written by

Student at Columbia University | Satire | Improv | Standup | Twitter: @JacobKaplan17



Medium humor. Large laughs.

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