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We’re Pleased To Offer Your Brand The Opportunity To Align With Jesse’s Momentous Gallbladder Removal

Rachel Hoiles Farrell
Oct 14 · 4 min read
Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay

This fall, your favorite IG influencer Jesse of @ItsJesseDarling will embark on her most exciting adventure yet: the complete and total removal of her gallbladder — or as the French say, the vésicule biliaire. During this special time, Jesse and her team will partner with select brands to transform her experience into one for the books: a nine-day, multi-city excursion designed to capture the heartwarming ups and downs of this momentous medical procedure.


Jesse has known for some time that to #vibe and #thrive at her highest levels, she’d need to consider laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The question has always been when to have the gallbladder removed, and by whom?

After months of searching, Jesse discovered the physician she’d been waiting for: Dr. Adrian Esposito of @TheGallbladderSpa. Dr. Adrian and Jesse connected instantly, bonding over vegan Reubens at the quaint-but-stylish @BrownStreetBakery in Manhattan. Dr. Esposito, a renowned wellness blogger with over 380K followers on YouTube, was 100% supportive of Jesse’s dreams. Together they celebrated Jesse’s step toward living authentically with rum cocktails at the trendy yet budget-friendly @DiplomatBar, followed by a #palmreading at @PennysPsychicFortunes. #ad


Jesse will take her first step toward cholecystectomical freedom on Thursday, October 24, when as part of her pre-op visit she’ll receive paperwork containing information about the operation as well as warnings about potential health risks related to general anesthesia.

After that, it’s off to lunch at @KevinsOnTheWaterfront! Catch the livestream on Facebook as Jesse and seven of her most attractive friends savor ocean-fresh oysters on the half-shell paired with a round of full-bodied, #innovative craft beers. #ad

After lunch, Jesse and her pals will head back to their rooms at the exclusive @HotelAgatha for a round of naps. Then they’ll hit the streets of NYC for an evening of fabulous fun and celebration — doing, of course, what influencers do best: documenting the journey as they go!

The next morning, Jesse will wake up super early for surgery. The much-anticipated procedure will begin with four small incisions to Jesse’s abdomen; from there, Dr. Esposito will inflate Jesse’s internal cavity with carbon dioxide gas and scrape out the small, pear-shaped organ Jesse’s sister recently called “the reason for this intervention, Jess. We’re begging you not to unnecessarily remove organs out of some misguided grab for Instagram followers. Please recognize this ‘adventure’ for what it is: a grotesque, attention-seeking sham.”

LOL! Get a clue, Ash. Everyone knows a lack of #radical #vulnerable #engagement is the reason your Crohn’s awareness videos won’t go viral on TikTok.


We are so incredibly stoked to offer your brand the opportunity to showcase your products in connection with this historic occasion in Jesse’s life. Nothing is more important to Jesse than friends, family, love, kindness, travel, wine, food, airplanes, gardens, luxury, leather goods, jewelry, wellness, spirituality, stationary, skincare, minimalism, boots, girlpower, biotechnology, telemedicine, eyewear, metallurgy, and the meaningful partnerships she’s forged over the years with her favorite brands.

Jesse’s team will be producing and posting content every step of the way for Jesse’s channels, capturing show-stopping moments such as the signing of Jesse’s advanced directive, the installation of Jesse’s IV drip, Jesse’s inevitable last-minute surgery jitters, and of course, the ultimate pubic shave.

Oh, and did we mention that afterwards we’ll be flying to PARIS?


Once Jesse has bid adieu to her gallbladder, she and her support squad will embark on a seven-day #luxurytour of the fabulous City of Lights. Jesse will be high on pain killers for much of the trip, but that’s where Kara, Jesse’s personal assistant (and, as of last week, emergency contact) comes in. Kara will keep Jesse’s incision properly bandaged and sterile while Jesse lives the dream of dinner, dancing, and definitely snuggling with cute Parisians around the city’s hottest arrondissements.

Whether Jesse and her team are visiting iconic works of art at the #Louvre, browsing chic #boutiques along the Champs-Élysées, or simply researching the fastest travel times to the nearest centre hospitalier, this is one jaw-dropping surgery and spectacular recovery your brand will not want to miss.


Medium humor. Large laughs.

Rachel Hoiles Farrell

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Medium humor. Large laughs.

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