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Winnie the Pooh’s Owl Rewrites Beyoncé Lyrics

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I do not believe that you are prepared for this marmalade.

Sir, this cadence is daft.

Pray tell, who commands the cosmos? Youthful females.

I possess piquant dressing in my satchel. (Splendid.)

Young beau, you cause me to wheeze.

Because if you find it amenable, you ought to have placed a bauble on it.

Ladies, abandon your gentleman to his dwelling; the bacchanal is ripe with lords, and their pockets have expanded!

I arose at dawn in this very state.

Wallop that! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! as though you are unconcerned.

To the west side facing north; all that you possess in the trunk to the west side facing north.

I arrived to conquer, you female dog.

Young man, adieu.



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Melanie LaForce

Melanie LaForce


Melanie LaForce is a comedian and writer currently living in L.A. IG:@melanielaforceofficial; Shows & pilot scripts—