Women Of Shakespeare On Tinder

To swipe or not to swipe, that is the question

Kyrie Gray
Nov 15, 2018 · 3 min read


Just looking for another chance at love. Men with brothers are preferred. As a mother with a lovely (if tad dramatic) son, I realize not every man wants a woman with baggage. Did I mention that part of my baggage is a castle? Yeah, I think becoming a stepfather in exchange for both a crown and a lifetime with these dick-sucking lips and childbearing hips is pretty fair.


If it’s crazy to be in love then call me crazy! Actually don’t, it is seriously triggering. I want a boyfriend who won’t emotionally abuse me. I’m crazy (in a good way!) about poetry and romantic plays. I love nature, and enjoying walking in the garden along the pond while the weather allows. Want to walk with me? ;p

Lady Macbeth

I’m an ambitious woman seeking an ambitious man, if you don’t have the balls to ask for a promotion at work or murder your way to the top then don’t bother sending a timid “hi”. Not interested.


This account has been flagged due to age restrictions.


I don’t limit my love, or myself, to gender conformity. Looking for a partner who wants to banter, play music, role play, and get into general mischief with a clever lady/gentleman. Those with closed minds swipe left.

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Medium humor. Large laughs.

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Freelancer, comedian, and coffee drinker. Writing nerdy humor, practical advice, satire, and stories. Also draws comics sometimes.



Medium humor. Large laughs.

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