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Yapjaw: This Newsletter Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

Image by Troy Doetch

Slackjaw readers and patrons of comedy, my name is Adam Dietz and I am the editor of Slackjaw’s thrice-monthly newsletter Yapjaw. Each month, I will showcase the best and brightest humor on Slackjaw in addition to some other cool stuff from equally cool spots. The temperatures are up, the stock market is down, and Jon Hamm is doing commercials for Progressive. Ahh, Lucky Strikes might not be the only thing that’s toasted, Jon.

On this week’s edition of Yapjaw, we’re talking dating profiles, classic video games, and coffee. Want the goods? Keep reading!

Slackjaw’s Best In Show:

A Culinary Tour Of Presidential Library Cafes by Rich Taylor

What better way to make sure this year’s summer vacation feeds both your family’s brains and tummies than a visit to one of America’s presidential library cafes?

Image by

What His Dating Profile Pics Say About Him! by Rachel Marsh

Is that emotional intelligence in his pocket or is he just happy to see you?

Senseless Instant Pot Recipes For The Deranged Home Chef by Laura Bartel

If you love this godsend of an appliance as much as I do, now is the time to throw caution to the wind and try these recipes!

Subtle Signs Your Luxury Hotel Is Cutting Corners by John Hewitt

Be careful if these alerts appear at the reception desk.

Updates To The Official Girl Scout Handbook by Alison Lowenstein

New Rules For A New Society

From The Slackjaw Editors’ Desk:

What I Assume Classic Video Games Were Really About by Alex Baia in Slackjaw

Street Fighter II Image Copyright Capcom. (Fair Use)

Job Posting For Junior Office Scapegoat by Adam Dietz & Troy Doetch in McSweeney’s

Home Impodcast: A Home Improvement Podcast

Back in the day, I hosted a podcast about the sitcom Home Improvement (the one with Tim Allen). We did it for a long time and some people liked it. Sometimes we still get behind the microphone for special recordings.

Letter To The Editor:

Dear Adam,

I love the taste and caffeine jolt associated with coffee but find it much too hot to drink during the summer months, what should I do?

-Trevor from Dalton, Georgia

Dear Trevor,

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem.

The Final Bell:

The Henry Winkler look-alike contest is ongoing. We’ve received several entries, but I want more! So if you or anyone you know (pets included) resembles Henry Winkler, at any point in his life, please email me a photo at I’ll plan to announce the winner in a month or so.

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Spread the word, comment below, tell your friends. Keep reading, writing, drinking, eating, and doing your thing.

Until the next edition of Yapjaw, take it easy.



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