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Use PROMISE as a Strategy for Managing Modern DevOps Transformation

Help your engineering teams, solution owners and stakeholders plan and manage DevOps transformation work aligned on pillars and value-based milestones.

It’s, Well…Complicated

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“Relying solely on backlog management systems such as Jira is an insufficient strategy for providing operations context and the overall big picture to stakeholders and engineering teams.”

DevOps Pillars

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“PROMISE elicits requirements that further improves delivery estimates.”

PROMISE Milestone Strategy

  • M1: Independent build & publish of versioned apps/artifacts while providing continuous feedback to engineers, then…
  • M2: Manual deployment of built apps/artifacts/infrastructure to non-production cloud environments, then…
  • M3: Automated canary deployments to production environments and production readiness before general availability
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“Treat DevOps transformation planning like any other product feature or tactical planning session.”

We Still Need to Maintain the Current Stack

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“Formal recognition of current operations work is an empathetic nod to teams who are responsible for maintaining key business functions while modernizing the infrastructure and apps that run on it.”

PROMISE Transformation Template

Blank template created in PowerPoint

“No one wants to sit in a meeting all day and form a DevOps mental model staring at Jira tickets!”

PROMISE Transformation Example

Also created in PowerPoint
  • Green marks completed work.
  • Blue denotes in-progress work.
  • Yellow highlights deferred work (things change).
  • Orange captures spike or bootstrapping work.

“Be on the lookout for empty PROMISE swim lanes during planning sessions!”

Post MVP

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“Humans push the delivery buttons first, then automation takes over later.”


“What PROMISE provides is a different, higher level view of new and and ongoing operations/transformation work that is easy to consume, track and visualize.”



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