Unlock masterful service design blueprints

How a service design blueprint can provide the foundation for your business to meet and exceed your customer’s evolving needs

Why should my company use a service design blueprint when there are already so many other tools out there?

Value stream mapping

Process mapping

Journey mapping

Service design blueprint

Slalom Created Service Design Blueprint

Why does it matter to have both business and customer viewpoints in one document?

“Empathy is at the heart of design. Without the understanding of what others see, feel, and experience, design is a pointless task.”

- Tim Brown, Executive Chair of IDEO

How should I use a service design blueprint?

Who should be involved in the creation of a service design blueprint?

  • “Our team’s important projects get de-prioritized often, making it hard for us to make an impact within our organization.” (process, people)
  • “We spend a significant amount of money to create tools that our teams don’t adopt.” (technology, process, people)
  • “Skilled workers spend more time doing task-based work than problem-solving work.” (technology, process, people)
  • “Janna solved all of our problems; then she left and we don’t how what to do.” (process, people)
  • “Our call centers receive X amount of volume related to problems customers could solve on their own” (technology, process, people)



Fresh perspectives to understand and engage your customers

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