Extended Record -Clicks Not Code [Salesforce Summer ’20 Release]

Related Record component to look up two levels of record relationships to get more context for your customers.

Slalom Technology
3 min readMay 5, 2020


Extended record allows us to view the related lookup records up to two levels. This is going to save load of time since we can avoid customization.

Use case: When Agent views the case record, parent account information also needs to be displayed on the case record page.

Case record page
Account Hierarchy

Currently, to accomplish this functionality we have to customize(build a new lightning component) to display the parent account information.

After the summer 20 release, this functionality can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Yes, you read it correctly just by few clicks and not code !!

Let’s see how it can be achieved.

1. Create a new “update action” in the Account Object.

Setup -> Object Manager -> Account ->Buttons, Links, and Actions.

Account -> Update Action

Include the fields which are needed to be displayed.

Account -> Update Actions ->Drag and drop the fields

2. Navigate to the case record lightning page. Edit the page and add the new custom tab. I have named it as “Parent Account”.

New custom tab to display “Parent Account” Information

3. Drag and drop the “Related Record” component.

Related Record Component

4. Click on the “Edit Lookup Field” and choose the first lookup as “Account Name” and the second lookup as “Parent Account”.

Extended Record to be displayed

5. Update action which was created in the Account object will be displayed in the “Update Action” lookup. Click on save followed by activation.

Case -> Account -> Parent Account

6. Now in the case record page, you could see the new tab named “parent account” which displays parent account information.

Case record page displaying parent account information

Release note reference: Extended record