Noteworthy Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes

Adi Rawat
Adi Rawat
May 8 · 4 min read

Salesforce published its Summer ’19 release last week and with that comes a wave of new features and improvements within the Salesforce platform. Here are our picks on some of the exciting and important changes.

Create an In-App learning experience with clicks, no code. Add prompts to onboard and train users, highlight configuration changes and news, introduce new features, and more with your own content. The In-App guidance will allow you to engage directly with your users to facilitate better guidance and adoption of your Salesforce application.

You can pick the target audience and specify where the prompts appear and for how long.

CMS for community cloud which was introduced back in Winter ’19 has more than a name change. Users can now share content across communities more easily, and collaborate with local and regional teams on projects. Create content outside of your communities in CMS workspaces by using the role-based access to control content authoring and settings access in Salesforce CMS. This feature is automatically turned on for all Community Cloud customers and any existing CMS for Community Cloud is transitioned to Salesforce CMS.

Your content is migrated to the Salesforce CMS ap~p, which you can access from the App Launcher.

Related lists of up to 10 columns can now be resizable, sortable, perform mass actions and wrap texts. This lightning only feature is another reason to switch to the Lightning experience.

Simply select Enhanced List from the Related List Type dropdown from a related list component in App Builder and choose desired options.

Salesforce surveys no longer require a separate license. Starting Summer ’19 anyone who has one of the following licenses will have the ability to send out unlimited surveys for free:

  • Contract manager
  • Marketing user
  • Standard user
  • System administrator

Getting response, however, is capped at 300 free responses. Any additional responses will require a response add-on pack which can be purchased based on the response received.
You can now also generate a unique survey invitation for a lead directly from the record by clicking Get Survey Invitation.

Customize Survey email for individual contacts and leads.

Starting Summer ’19 there is a new “Fix Code Formatting” feature in Developer Console under the Edit menu. What this feature does is, uses the Prettier code format to format Aura Components and any JavaScript. Prettier enforces a consistent code style and formats it for better readability.

To “prettify” the code in an open file, select Edit | Fix Code Formatting. Or, press Ctrl+Alt+F. To configure your code-formatting settings, select File | Preferences and then adjust the settings whose names begin with Prettier.

This is probably my favorite feature of this release. Every Salesforce developer or admin has used Trailhead by now and it couldn’t be easier to train on your Salesforce organization using the same platform.
myTrailhead allows a customer to create unlimited training material based on their Salesforce instance, it is now possible to provide your users the same skill-based, gamified learning experience as Salesforce Trailhead with content that you create for your company.

Build trailmixes — learning paths that combine your custom content with resources outside myTrailhead to offer a well-rounded educational experience.

In summation, Salesforce has yet again done a great job in introducing new features and improvements for the upcoming release. What are your thoughts about the new release? Please share in the comments section below.

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