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Aug 26 · 4 min read
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Customer-facing parts of an organization, such as marketing, sales, and support, have the access and ability to effectively use data to make actionable insights leading to next generation customer experiences. Business operations can access real-time information and predictive insights to make positive and informed decisions.

Does this sound like your organization? For many, the answer to this is — not yet. But now more than ever it is becoming a real possibility.

The customer needs

Businesses today are in constant flux of reinventing themselves to sustain growth and consumer mindshare. The customer experience itself is a crucial focus for those who wish to exceed expectations. That focus has resulted in making organizations put the customer at the center of their organization. By doing so, they are putting customer data at the center of their organization.

Customer data underpins every aspect of how organizations become customer -centric, it affects and enables the people, process, and technology. Customer data is a wealth of discreet yet immensely variable information. Organizations are looking to harness the power of big data to drive better customer decisions, enhancing current customer experience tech investments, and drive better outcomes. The continued progression of computing power and digital device proliferation means that everyday objects provide new channels to serve customers and employees — big data will continue to proliferate. A cloud-based data infrastructure is the enabler across the customer lifecycle, but like any tool, you must select the right one for the job and use it correctly to get the results you desire.

Using a data platform that maps to your use cases

The reason companies need a flexible platform like Google Cloud to run their customer initiatives is because what has been used previously has failed. Unfulfilled promises from marketing technologies (“MarTech”) sought to give marketers the capabilities needed to meet the new customer demands and provide actionable insights. The customer-facing parts of the organization, like marketing, sales, and customer support, have been able to have access to high-end MarTech and data capabilities. However, they still lack a flexible, actionable, and insightful data platform that aligns with their use cases.

To deliver next-generation customer experiences, organizations need orchestrated customer data intelligence tailored to their needs, which is where Google Cloud can shine. By providing data systems and native integrations with customer experience systems that access and act on customer data in real-time, companies can continuously reimagine and revise their customers’ journey. Organizations need customer data infrastructure lightning fast and endlessly scalable, but to make it even more successful, it should be enabled by modern agile development and integrated solutions like Google Cloud BigQuery for analytics data warehouse.

Delivering on the promise of closed-loop marketing

With the Google Cloud platform, organizations can build a closed-loop marketing, sales, and support infrastructure that auto-optimizes customer experiences and delivers the best customer experience at a given time. This is something that marketers have been requesting for 20 years, but now we can deliver with cloud technology.

We can deliver this promise to our customers and stakeholders by starting small, creating MVPs with flexible solutions like Google BigQuery, which is perfect both for creating proof of concept as well as scaling your implementations. In addition, it is an affordable solution that can allow your organization to experiment and bypass the current complicated pipeline flows and deliver customer outcomes that can help you create traction in the organization.

Furthermore, Google Cloud has native integration with the Google Marketing Platform and Salesforce that means that you can integrate your datasets and pipelines from Ads, Google Analytics, and CRM and deliver experiences to your customers in an omnichannel fashion. This capability allows for many customer use cases to be easily accessible to you. It will enable you to focus on the use cases that will drive the highest customer/business value without technical constraints.

Getting started with Google Cloud

If you are thinking about starting with Google Cloud, don’t think about just making a typical data cloud implementation, but fuel innovation and deliver use cases that are most impactful to your business. These are the three use cases we have seen that organizations get started with on Google Cloud to innovate their customer experiences:

  1. Campaign Orchestration with Segments

As a marketer, activate customer data across channels and devices to orchestrate the right message and right offer — execute campaigns with business rules across executional tools for email marketing, mobile, and web.

2. Predictive Analysis & Decisioning

As a marketer, enhance guest profiles and segments with new data and insights. Improve modeling to be predictive, with the ability to anticipate guest needs — utilization of all guest data (structured & unstructured) to create next-best actions using predictive algorithms.

3. Contact Center Performance Analytics

As a call center manager, understand the performance of agents by measuring their customer interactions through meaningful KPIs, like first call resolution, case management, understand actionable business implications for customer success.

Slalom is a Google Cloud Premier Partner specialized in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. We can help you unlock the power of your MarTech stack and customer data for more advanced analytics and relevant activation. We bring knowledgeable data engineers and Google Cloud architects to help you use data to create experience-driven marketing and supercharge your digital transformation.

Learn more about Slalom’s approach to enabling a transactional data approach in an experience-driven market, click here.

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