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Tableau CRM Rebrands to CRM Analytics

Learn why the rebrand was made and how you can incorporate the new products into your Salesforce organization.

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On April 12th, it was announced that Tableau CRM would be rebranded as CRM Analytics. The announcement came with some exciting new products — such as the CRM Analytics App for Slack — which proved that there would be more to the rebrand than a simple name change.

We’ve already gotten many questions about the switch from customers, so Slalom’s Salesforce Analytics team wanted to address the two most pressing questions on our clients’ minds: What’s changing on the platform? And will existing assets continue to work as-is?

The new CRM Analytics for Slack app was announced with the rebrand, seen here

What’s changing?

To alleviate any immediate concerns, it’s important to note that the product isn’t changing significantly and any assets built using Tableau CRM will continue to work as-is. The rebrand will start to go live in your Salesforce instance with the Spring 2022 release, which should already be in your production organization.

Aesthetically, references to Tableau CRM will be replaced with CRM Analytics and the logo for Analytics Studio will change from the Tableau logo to the original bar chart logo from when the product was known as Einstein Analytics. The dashboards, recipes, dataflows, and other assets you’ve built on the platform will continue to work as-is.

Why rebrand?

Those who have been in the CRM Analytics ecosystem are likely asking, “Haven’t we already seen a rebranding?” And they would be correct. In fact, this is the third rebrand in the history of CRM Analytics since Salesforce acquired Edgespring in 2013. Upon launch in 2014, it was known as Wave Analytics, then became Einstein Analytics in 2017, and most recently was Tableau CRM after Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau in 2019. So why rebrand again?

The main reason for the name change was to make it clear that this platform is the best analytics solution for Salesforce CRM users. We’ve experienced a lot of confusion between Tableau and Tableau CRM, as many have trouble distinguishing between the two products and don’t know the proper use case for each. The switch to CRM Analytics clears up that confusion and makes it clear that CRM Analytics is the right tool for Salesforce users while Tableau is the right fit if you’re sharing insights among Salesforce and non-Salesforce users. With the name change, customers can better distinguish between the two tools and understand use cases for each.

Product announcements

Along with branding and aesthetic changes, there are several exciting product announcements accompanying the rebrand. The first announcements we want to highlight are related to Slack. Salesforce announced the release of CRM Analytics App for Slack, which builds an integration between CRM Analytics and Slack. This app allows the user to do things like share analytics assets within Slack, get alerts when KPIs meet thresholds, and receive scheduled dashboard snapshots. We’re incredibly excited about this app, as it creates a unified way for employees to collaborate with each other around key analytics insights, leveraging critical CRM data and signals in Slack to get work done. This app is in beta as of the Summer 2022 release.

Set threshold-based notifications with the CRM Analytics for Slack app

The other Slack-related tool announced was Predictions, which surfaces aggregated predictions directly into the Slack workflow to help people better analyze areas such as deals at risk or customers at risk of leaving. This will leverage the predictive capabilities of Einstein to surface outputs of predictive models into Slack. Imagine the power of receiving an alert of a high-value customer likely to churn, or a high-value opportunity that’s likely to close with just another couple of key touchpoints!

Get notified when an Einstein Discovery model crossed a threshold

In addition to Slack, Salesforce also made numerous industry-related product announcements, ranging from Energy & Utilities Analytics to Financial Services Intelligence for Financial Services Cloud and Manufacturing Intelligence for Manufacturing Cloud, among others.

The moral of the story is that no matter what cloud you’re working on, CRM Analytics has a solution. This goes back to why the rebrand was made — CRM Analytics is the best-in-class analytics technology when working with Salesforce users and data.

If you’re looking for a place to get started, CRM Analytics also offers packaged apps around Sales and Service Cloud. Our Slalom Salesforce Analytics team has QuickStart offerings for Service and Sales Cloud to help you jumpstart your analytics journey.

Use Service Cloud data to drive insight to action with Service Analytics app

While the CRM Analytics rebrand doesn’t change much within the product itself, it helps distinguish the right use cases for the platform and clears up confusion within the Tableau stack of products. CRM Analytics is packed with exciting new product announcements we can’t wait to try out, and we continue to see a significant investment in product enhancements. We hope you are as enthusiastic and energetic as us to build awesome assets with CRM Analytics!

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