Identifying Market In-Efficiencies in Crypto Markets

Apr 10, 2019 · 1 min read

Today, in Crypto Markets, there are more than 2000+ crypto assets and 200+ exchanges or marketplaces in the world. By Crypto exchanges being open 24/7 and available across many nations, owning Crypto-Currency has become a mainstream obsession among the younger generation. This has made the Crypto Markets thrive amidst all the difficulties it went through. Today, it has become a strong alternative asset class.

Since Crypto-Currencies are traded 24/7 globally, the price discovery happens based on the supply and demand. With time zones based user participation(day time) and fear of missing out kicking in (eg. Kimchi Premium), there is a market inefficiency in many exchanges which causes price discrepancy between exchanges for the same asset. This causes people to buy/sell assets not at a fair price. Identifying this manually is laborious and takes time.

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Real-Time Crypto Trading Signals

At Slamtrade, we have created a board called Crypto Trading Signals for identifying this. This offers 24/7 streaming of high-performance Crypto-Currency trading signals presented in a single view for professional trading. You can find out where to buy/sell or when to buy/sell at any point in time at real- time. Also discover liquidity, market making, and arbitraging opportunities.


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