An Emoji Keyboard with the Ability to Search!

Slash Keyboard, Allowing for A Seamless Emoji Search Experience

I was never really crazy about the default iOS Emoji experience. I constantly found myself wanting to send a specific Emoji and then not being able to find it. The other day for instance, I finally had a reason to send the new Taco emoji, perfect, except its on the fourth page, under the food&drink section. By the time I found it, I missed my opportunity to send it. Will I remember where to look the next time I find a reason to send a Taco emoji? Most likely, ya, but that doesn’t mean it made for a good experience. I don’t want to have to think at all when I’m looking for my emoji. It shouldn’t be a process.

So why hasn’t the default emoji keyboard integrated a search? I honestly have no idea.

The Slash Keyboard team went through the trouble of indexing every single emoji with several keyboard search terms. Now, when I want to search for my Taco emoji. I just open up the keyboard and write the word ‘Taco’. I’m sending Tacos to everyone. Enjoy the weekend and if you haven’t already, download Slash at

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