6 and Chris — “My Mentees” for the next 3 months

Chris Kwekowe
Mar 19, 2018 · 4 min read

So just a week after my initial post to select 5 mentees to be trained into becoming Full-Stack Web Developers, I’m super pumped to announce that we (yes, I got a lot of help from the guys at Slatecube) — now have the final 5 (+ 1)!

— drumrole —

We got mad skills — don’t try us

Now these talents may not have ‘bottle balancing’ abilities but they’re pretty amazing and their applications were very far from Average.

Applications received spanned a complete spectrum of experience — from undergraduate students to graduates and then entry-level professionals. We even had entrepreneurs from different sectors apply.

Here’s what went down…

About the Mentorship Application

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‘MTV Base Meets’ with Bill Gates

I wanted to have generally everyone from the major social networking platforms that I was on know about this opportunity and so I had this out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

The request was simple, If you’re interested, please send me a well-written email explaining why you’re the best fit for this offer! Send to chris@slatecube.com.

More than 200 applications were sent in as specified while nearly 100 others sent in messages or commented on the posts. Of course, only applications that followed the instruction to send in an email were considered for evaluation.

Selection Process

To make sense of all the applications received, we had to group the selection process into smaller phases that evaluated specific items.

1. The Netizen Stage

Here we asked all applicants to submit (or create) accounts with some of the top generic social media platforms on the internet. We expected users to have/create;

  1. A Slatecube Account because you ought to develop skills employers actually wanted first.
  2. A LinkedIn Profile because there was no larger audience to share your professional qualifications with than there.
  3. A Facebook/Twitter Profile because well, this has become the new village square and almost everybody saying something, does it here.
  4. An Instagram Profile because no matter what we say, pictures always have a way of saying it better.

2. The Program-based Evaluation Stage

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Screenshot of the Project Management Program on Slatecube

Students who sent in their responses to the Netizen stage were then given NGN15,000 ($45) to join the Project Management Course on Slatecube. We gave out a total of NGN555,000 ($1,542) to 37 candidates in credits.

3. The Grading & Statement of Completion Submission Stage

The Project Management Course comprises of 4 Modules, 13 topics, and 10 quizzes. Applicants were required to complete 100% of the topics within a stipulated period of time and score above 70% to be considered.

  • Table Listing Based on Submission Time
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Image for post
Issued Statements of Accomplishment for Project Management by Submission time
  • Table Listing based on Score
Image for post
Image for post
Issued Statements of Accomplishment for Project Management by Student Score

And the winners are!

If you haven’t already deduced the winners from the above tables well, here they are…

Image for post
Image for post
Top Candidates (Top 3 Males and Top 3 Females)

Male Mentees

Image for post
Image for post
Male Mentees
  1. Opeyemi Durodola
  2. Martin Iyooh
  3. Callis Ezenwaka

Female Mentees

Image for post
Image for post
  1. Aderonke Eyinade
  2. Cindy Shontan
  3. Shirley Okologo

These top candidates had an average score of 92/100

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What’s next?

So I will be hosting these six candidates on Friday, the 24th of March 2018 at the Slatecube HQ for lunch. We’d also be fully funding their journey to start the Full-Stack Web Developer Program on Slatecube with direct mentorship from myself (and the OTP guys at Slatecube).

Didn’t make the list? Here’s what you can do.

If you didn’t make the list, you can still access this program and most of it’s benefits (including a paid internship opportunity) by enrolling with just NGN15,000! If you are interested in this, kindly send an email to Yemisi, on yemisi@slatecube.com. She will be more than happy to help you get setup!

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