Chidinma Chukwuaja
Sep 21, 2017 · 3 min read

Digital Marketing - The secret ingredient to growing your Startup.

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Slatecube Course — Digital Marketing

The Internet has created massive opportunities for both small and large scale businesses to reach new customers, while also maintaining existing ones. However, many African businesses do way too little to target and effectively market their products and services to prospective customers online.

It's good to know that Digital marketing or Internet marketing generally doesn’t differ from traditional marketer in trying to create awareness of goods and services and reach out to potential consumers — except in the channels applied. Digital marketing efforts are leveraged on social media, search engines amongst others therefore your first point of call lies in setting up an online presence.

Creating an Online Presence

This simply means taking your business online. From local businesses like a furniture store, to international businesses like a shipping company, creating an online home for businesses offer a lot of opportunities including;

  • Creating product and service awareness to around 5 billion general internet users, and over 2 billion social media users globally.
  • Finding lots of new customers and building relationship with existing ones.
  • Offering products and services to both near and far away customers from a website.
  • Reaching prospective customers through targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Interaction with customers via social media to learn more about what they love or hate about the products you offer them.
  • Using analytics to monitor the progress of your advertisements and marketing campaigns.
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Start your Digital Marketing Journey with Slatecube

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

Let’s have a brief look at some of the benefits of digital marketing :

  • Target marketing potential – With digital marketing you will learn how to carry out a detailed market research and to make effective use of search engines, social media and blogs to dangle your products and services right in front of potential customers. You will also gain insight on how to convert your website visitors into customers.
  • Easy engagement with customers - Our digital marketing program will also teach you social media marketing. Social media gives you a twenty-four hours opportunity to interact and connect with customers. It provides an easy means to promote products, offer special deals and build relationship with customers.
  • Speed of transaction - With the on going improvement of online payment, business transactions can now be made on the go. With digital marketing you will learn all about the different payment platforms and which best suits your business.
  • Constant monitoring – Monitoring your business online is a pivotal part of your online presence. There are many tools you can use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.
  • Flexibility – Digital marketing gives you the flexibility to adjust or totally change your marketing approach if your marketing campaign is not meeting your goals. The digital world changes and new technologies are added everyday. To stay on top of the game in your niche, ensure your online plan is up to date.

So, to learn anything from how to conduct a market research, to creating a successful Internet marketing campaign and everything in-between click on the link below :


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Oya, let’s get started.

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