Forget #wifenotcook and #pantbae. This is more important.

In case you joined last year, we have a confession to make.

Slatecube was a pretty messy service for most of last year (and a bit of this year too). Bugs, incomplete courses. Not so great customer service..but that has changed.

This year, we’ve taken a lot of time, money and effort to make it into what we’ve always had in mind.

On the 1st of March, we quietly revamped prominent pages across Slatecube. We’re set to blow your mind away even further.

Today, we’re excited to say that while we aren’t fully there yet, we are well on our way.

  1. We’ve introduced great customer support to help answer all your questions. Yes, all. Simply talk to ‘Dinma or Bukunmi here.
  2. Hardly any major bugs on the platform. Reported bugs are fixed within 30 minutes.
  3. We’ve added new introductory courses in data science and deep learning by Microsoft and Google. More to come later.
  4. Intelligent prompts to guide you through each course offered so you get certified and go straight into our internships seamlessly. Go to your desk now and take a course.
  5. Check out our blog! We talk more about all things Slatecube, as well as how you can grab opportunities faster. Psst. House of Tara is currently recruiting as we speak. See tips to prepare.

Coming Soon

  1. A mobile app for Android users. You can test the beta here.
  2. A new job listing service so you can apply to jobs and internship opportunities faster.
  3. Personalize your experience in your desk so you only gets what’s really relevant to you!
  4. Free WiFi in BRT buses across Lagos so internet access doesn’t stop you!

PS: If you have successfully completed courses on Slatecube, Congratulations. Your next step is to order your certificate which qualifies you for our internships. Certificates cost just NGN 10,000 ($35) each and are issued within 3–7 days after payment is received.

You might also want to consider our more advanced iDeaLabs Program.

Remember, Slatecube is committed to developing you for today’s opportunities.

Cheers, and keep being awesome!