July Brief: A note to Self and Staff

Toka reached out to me and said, “Chris, I know we’re a small team but staff updates would be a great idea”. I agreed. You see, 45% of the staff here at Slatecube work remotely. While I presume everyone pretty much knows what is going on at the office, I’ve had moments where people ask questions that sometimes, Slatecubers up in Ghana or Cameroon are already well aware of.

Anyways, take a look at our very first Staff Update. It let’s you know some of what we’ve been working on as well as our focus for the month is.

Hello Team,
I would like to welcome you officially to the month of August!
July was fast, exciting, memorable and of course incomplete without you all. Here are some key events that marked July at Slatecube.
• The iDeaLabs July cohort: we kicked of the cohort on 24th of July and a week before, we had a scholarship contest which saw 4 participants winning full scholarships. A total of 11 candidates are currently training and we recently visited Techpoint.ng to conclude the residency phase of the program.
• Partnerships: I visited the Nile University, Base University, Veritas University, Africa University of Science and Technology, and University of Abuja for the purpose of on-boarding students into the course study and internship opportunities available on our platform. I met with the Dean of Student Affairs of Nile University who was very optimistic of the proposed partnership. The management of University of Abuja invited me for a follow up meeting. We’re expecting some good news, fingers crossed!
• New Team Members: In July we also welcomed new team members and they are;
1. Nonye Onwuha.
2. Oluchi Nmumu.
We look forward to an exciting and rewarding time working with them!
• Revenue, Revenue: We would be big on our focus for revenue this month hence every single unit should work hard to ensure we get paid for services we offer. I’m of the opinion that we should study all the possible value adding services of Slatecube and group them into distinct packages that can be marketed and sold to different types of customers.
• Employee Handbook: I believe we are a good team, but the goal is to be a great team. To achieve this, Chinenye would be helping put together an employee workbook that would guide how we approach our work at Slatecube in a coordinated, disciplined but fun-filled manner. Everybody’s input is required.
August already looks promising and with all hands on deck, we will achieve all that we set out to achieve.
Chris Kwekowe
CEO, Slatecube