Just before you get discouraged, here’s something to consider.

Chris Kwekowe
Aug 5, 2017 · 2 min read

First, thank you for being a Slatecuber! That means a lot to us.

Last week, our community grew to 5,000 active users! This is because incredible people like

  • Mascot Obi (who’s now pursuing an amazing career as a Software Developer in Lagos),
  • Fungantuh L. (Cameroonian teacher and knowledge enthusiast, now ready for an amazing career transition into business development),
  • Sarah A. (recent Social Media Associate hire at Filecoven),
  • Chioma (House of Tara International’s newest prospect for a Sales Associate role),

and yourself have been sharing and talking about your experiences as well as the possibilities with Slatecube. Please take this as a well deserved “Thank You” from us.

Image for post
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iDeaLabs Candidates — May 2017 Cohort

Today, however, we want you to note a few things;

1. We’ve just launched the opportunities page to help you find great jobs and internships fit for ONLY Slatecube users. You deserve that priority.

2. The iDeaLabs Program has now increased capacity to take in more candidates for the iDeaLabs Residential Program in May. Learn how to kickstart your career and make an impact, by the experts, teachers, and mentors, who already have. Now NGN 80,000 for those with access to this link

3. Slatecube has entered into new agreements with leading firms around the world to offer more qualitative programs online. Log in now to see them.

4. Slatecube is part of the Hive Africa committee. Hive is dedicated to developing a better world through its Global Leadership Program. We have special discounts for the event in Lagos this October. Please reach out to us if you’re interested.

That’s it!

If you have questions or would like to make suggestions, please comment on this announcement. Trust me, we’d respond within 24 hours. Send a message to our email so we can respond even faster.

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