SLEEEP : A unique, minimalist, experience

Circadian Lighting inside every SLPer

When it comes to things to experience, sleep is perhaps the last thing in most traveler’s mind. Especially in this age of endless options, stimulations and distractions…

But that gives all the more reasons to why SLEEEP is the accommodation for today’s traveler.

1/ Unique

SLEEEP is the first capsule hotel to have opened in Hong Kong. It follows the lineage of the genre that originated in Japan in the 1970s, yet it is adopted for a different era. The ‘next big thing’ era with its infinite upgrades and updates exploits our vanity, leverages peer-pressure and exhausts our curiosity. SLEEEP is a (spatial) product uniquely aligned with an activity that is notably subdued, but universally beneficial and resilient. We do not use design and technology to appeal to temporary desires, but focus our efforts and creativity in creating the best sleeping environments for our users. The design of our ‘capsule’ –named SLPer– is based on scientific researches that reveal our biological preferences shaped over millions of years of evolution. We believe that our users/guests are mindful and conscious people who recognize the true importance of balance even in this world of constant temptations. Our unique brand is not only reflected in what one could see — the space, the choice of materials, the meticulous lighting — but also in our philosophy.

Magnetic Felt for privacy

2/ Minimalist

Minimalism is not just our style, it is our philosophy. It stands for the appreciation for the few but essential things we have and disregard for the unwarranted excess. It stands for the non-compromising strive for quality and the constant examination of our own choices.

To our users who, we believe, have their own many purposes for traveling, we eliminated everything of a traditional hotel but the essentials — a hot shower with fine amenities, a private space with adaptive lighting and a high quality sleep achieved by a personalized bed. In this way we no longer have to distribute the cost of those underutilized facilities (and their high price in Hong Kong’s limited space) to our guests. This is but another significant manifestation of our minimalist philosophy.

shower + window

3/ Experience

Our orchestrated user experience begins from the first interaction with our website and extends all the way through the booking interface, the physical arrival, the duration of the stay and the departure. The information on our booking interface is carefully tuned to give the most intuitive order of hierarchy. The heavy entry door gives our users a haptic feedback to ‘slow down’. The gradual fading of lights helps with minimizing sudden pupil dilations (thus the alert reaction.)

Then there is the personalized beds. After getting the booking confirmation, all users have an opportunity to pre-check-in, during which one could specify one’s preference for a hard/soft mattress, a memory foam/an eco-down (animal-free) pillow, and the thickness of the blanket. This is a significant feature implemented after testing the many different bedding options with our focus-group and learning that, indeed, everyone has different preferences.

Last but not least, the keyless entry is done either via a QR code sent to your email at your booking confirmation, or your fingerprint once you’ve registered with our XO (eXperience Officer). This allows our users to not have to worry about picking up, leaving behind, or returning any keycards, wristbands and what-have-you. It certainly reduces the guilt and waste of all the keycards that were often carried off, as we hurry to our next important experience.

Now piloting in Hong Kong, SLEEEP is a sanctuary situated in the heart of Sheung Wan, the most vibrant district of the sleep-less city.

Experience it now: