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SLEEEP: From HKG to BKK, to Global

Introducing SLEEEP.bkk.silom

SLEEEP.bkk.silom is situated at Silom Soi 1, 2 minutes from BTS Sala Daeng station.
SLEEEP.bkk.silom is situated at Silom Soi 1, 2 minutes from BTS Sala Daeng station.

Converted from a 5-story townhouse with a mezzanine, situated 2 minutes from the Sala Daeng BTS station, SLEEEP.silom.bkk is SLEEEP’s major international expansion and a significant milestone for this hospitality-technology start-up. Introducing our very own SPAAA on the street level, this building experience takes guests from their exhausting travel all the way into their sweet dreams.

The design of the space follows the distilled spatial design language of SLEEEP, termed Minimalist / Wabi-Sabi, where the focus is placed on the essences of the space, and decorations are stripped down to the minimum. The history of the building and the artifacts within, where appropriate, are kept and cherished, expressing their age and unadorned honesty. For example, the reception table was the working desk of the original owner of this building, having experienced decades of labor as a tailor, its imperfection remembers the beauty of a life of hard work.

The brick chamber reception features the desk that has witnessed the story of the building.

The careful calibration of lighting, and the lack thereof, accentuate our values and the SLEEEP experience. Sleep, after all, happens most often in the dark, behind our shut eyes. This is no coincidence that the dark environment with warm lighting actually induces melatonin to help us fall asleep more easily, based on well-founded sleep science.

The facade is made of thin black skin which rises and falls by the airflow generated by the air conditioners. This natural rhythm–the build-up and the releases of the pressure–is yet another analogy to that of our daily rhythm of rise and slumber.

SLPer v2.4 features a hard door that gives you even greater privacy and security.

Each bed — our original, patented, award-winning SLPers, now at Version 2.4- in the building is designed with quality sleep as its objective and features the latest R.E.M.: Responsive Environmental Modulator. With REM, one could customize the environment inside their own capsule: the lighting, the sound, and the air-flow. Not only that, these personal preferences will be stored in the cloud; the next time you check-into a SLPer, say, in Hong Kong, or anywhere in the world as they pop-up, you’ll get that personalized settings.

SLEEEP is designed for everyone: frequent travelers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, wellness professionals, high performers, long commuters, experience seekers… SLEEEP.bkk.silom is a continuation of the SLEEEP lineage: A (Minimalist) Capsule Hotel, an Urban Sanctuary. But it is more. It’s our one small step to create a Home without Borders.

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A collection of essays, poems and notes glued together by the honey-heavy dew of slumber.

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