Sleeep & Sustainability

How inactivity can change the world.

Sleeping is an activity practiced by everyone, everyday, everywhere. We know full well that sleep is crucial to good physical and mental health. Yet, many of us do not realize that in these moments of inactivity, we are actually contributing to a more sustainable environment as well.


Sleep is arguably the activity of the least possible carbon-footprint. Almost all other activities — working, going to the gym, cooking — demand electricity or other fuels to be carried out. While we sleep, however, we switch off the lights, wrap ourselves in blankets, and fall into a slumber, thereby consuming little to no energy and thus reducing the amount of carbon emitted.


Forests, aquifers, farmlands, and, well, us all need periodic recharge for sustainable productivity. In the time of sleep, our blood pressure drops, our muscles are relaxed, tissue growth and repair occurs; our brain turns off reason and the logical sense of time as we develop vivid dreams during our sleep. As a new day begins, we resuscitate from our deep sleep and begin a day’s work, invigorated after regaining energy from sleep.


With better health and a rested mind from quality sleep, we day-by-day increase our capacity in life. The time we spent sleeping enhances all other moments and experiences when our eyes are open. With better sleep comes better relationships, better focus, increased creativity, and the list goes on. The improvements trickle down to every detail of your everyday life.

At SLEEEP we aspire to promote a sustainable culture through a thoughtful, holistic user experience that is centered around sound, quality sleep.

Here are 7 sustainable practices we do at SLEEEP, and how you could apply that to your own lifestyle as well:

  • (What SLEEEP is doing)
  • Italic text = What you can do

1. Save Energy

  • The heat recovery system at SLEEEP turns the residual heat from the air conditioners into hot showers. Those heat would otherwise contribute directly to urban heat island effect.
  • Turn off the lights and A/C when not in use. Using public transport — metro, bus or tram — also significantly reduces energy consumption.

2. Save water.

  • Toilets at SLEEEP have a special design that uses 40% less water with every flush.
  • Take short showers and turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth.

3. Save paper

  • The Check-in process at SLEEEP is automated and we do not print any paper in our operations. We also offer our guests a guest portal with a whole lot of good tips delivered straight to your devices.
  • When traveling, download a city guide instead of using guide books to limit paper consumption. If you don’t need them, the ads will not sell and eventually they will stop printing them.

4. Recycle

  • SLEEEP diverted as much of its construction waste as possible away from landfills. Despite the small space, SLEEEP has a recycle bin separated, too! Find it!
  • If there is no recycle bin around, hold onto your trash until you find one. It’s usually not that far away if you pay attention.

5. Avoid Disposables

  • SLEEEP provides customers with sterilized, reusable water glass for the duration of their stay. We do not provide disposable toothbrushes, or one off amenities either. When we do offer, we offer quality things that lasts.
  • Bring your own bottle instead of using plastic bottles; If you really need something, buy something decent and use it many many times.

6. Buy organic and Fair-trade goods.

  • The bedding and blankets at SLEEEP are all made from organic cotton, grown without the use of herbicides.
  • Buy organic fabrics and food as much as possible. It is worth it for your own health at the very least, and to know that you’re making a positive change for the future generations!

7. Build a network of friends

  • The hand soaps at SLEEEP are from a local social enterprise (SoSoap), made by underprivileged women in Hong Kong out of organic materials.
  • Any great ordeal can not be accomplished alone. A network of friends will support and believe in your actions for sustainability.

Everyone can make small changes in their everyday lives. Together, these will have a clear impact on the world. At SLEEEP we are committed to doing everything we can to be responsible inhabitants of the planet. Our best bet in being able to carry out our work effectively and consistently is to start with sleeping well.


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