E-Commerce Email Marketing 101: 11 Must-Have Emails (w/ Templates)

Increase loyalty and reduce churn with these 11 must-have-emails

If you’re like most e-commerce marketers, email marketing is an integral part of your business.

You’re building an email list, emailing frequently (albeit not too frequently) and mailing interesting and relevant content to your audience.

But as effective as email marketing is, it’s not enough on its own.

The truth is, effective e-commerce email marketing isn’t about the right strategy; it’s about the right sequencing.

Mail the right emails at the wrong time to the wrong prospect, and people will opt out of your emails (or worse, move to a competitor).

Send the right emails at the right time to the right prospects, however, and you won’t just have lifelong customers…

…you’ll have evangelists for your business.

In our new article, we’ll show you eleven e-commerce marketing campaigns you need to send to increase engagement, improve your bottom line, and more importantly, reduce churn.

Let’s get started.

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