Neo Jie Yao CS2006 Individual Curation

1) Ikea Sleep advertisement

Visual concepts

Semiotics — Indexical Signs are used as seen from the two contrasting portraits of the individual, where the one on the left shows a person with messy hair, sunken eyes and untidy clothes. It indicates the tiredness of the individual, suggesting a lack of sleep. The tagline also states, “Sleep well. Perform 20% better.” It suggests that sleeping well would allow you to look like the person on the right, which compared to the left, looks visibly fresher and more attractive.

Persuasive appeals — Logos is used here as the audience would make a logical inference to relate good sleep with performance at work as seen by comparing the appearance of both portraits and also by the tagline.

Visual cues — There is a subtle contrast in the background colour of the 2 portraits as the one on the right is brighter than the one on the left. It further emphasizes the positive effects of a good sleep and helps to bring out the radiance of the man’s face.

This poster links to my project as we are seeking to encourage people to sleep more. The concepts used here can be applied, such as highlighting both the effects of good sleep and the lack of sleep.

2) Simmons advertisement

Semiotics — The sign of the battery is an iconic sign of a digital device that is running out of energy and with the sign being placed in the first scene, it has a connotative message as it implies the father, a human being and not a device, is tired and lacks sleep.

In the first scene, the father also displayed signs of being distracted and frustrated as he poured coffee into his son’s cereal. The cognitive theory of expectation applies here as one would expect him to pour milk instead.

The visual elements of the video such as facial expressions in the first scene shows a distinctive downbeat mood as the father appears disgruntled and irritated. This would be an indexical sign of tiredness and lack of sleep as compared to the second scene where he looks much happier.

We can apply certain concepts used here for our project such as expectation. By portraying something that is not expected by the audience, it also adds to the humorous effect that my group is seeking to replicate. We can also make use of visual expression to indicate the positive and negative consequences of our project.

Preview YouTube video Simmons Mattress Commercial — Dad Coffee

Simmons Mattress Commercial — Dad Coffee

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