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Happy 50th Birthday, Bitch

I am fifty today. I know it’s no big deal but I think to myself, Buckle up, bitch, you just hit fifty.

I only recently started to refer to myself as “bitch.”

My two daughters, ages fourteen and nineteen, talk to each other that way. They say things like, “You’re a bad-ass bitch.” Then the other one says, “Thank you sissy ho.” These are compliments.




By Robin Finn — She’s sweaty. She has to pee. She has teenagers. No wonder she can’t sleep.(Photo: Steven Pahel/Unsplash)

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Robin Finn

Robin Finn

Founder: Heart.Soul.Pen.® for women writers & the Women’s Writing Den. Essays: @NYTimes @WashPo @LATimes @BuzzFeed. Author: “Restless in L.A.”

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