The one time I got to wear my awesome, new, red, fuzzy bucket hat.

Welcome to 2022

We are alive and in good shape, more or less, so let’s celebrate that.

Welcome to 2022. It is only January 4th and it has already been a challenge. I had some weird cyst on my back rupture which was gross and I lost a brand new red, fuzzy bucket hat that I bought at Nordstrom’s and was so excited about and wore to see The Matrix Resurrections (which was awesome because who isn’t totally…




By Robin Finn — She’s sweaty. She has to pee. She has teenagers. No wonder she can’t sleep.(Photo: Steven Pahel/Unsplash)

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Robin Finn

Robin Finn

Founder: Heart.Soul.Pen.® for women writers & the Women’s Writing Den. Essays: @NYTimes @WashPo @LATimes @BuzzFeed. Author: “Restless in L.A.”

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